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Odem Leibovitz &
Odelya Atlasovitch

Passing Memory

In "Passing Memory" (지나가는 기억), Odem Leibovitz and Odelya Atlasovitch reflect on the way that time flies.
The melancholy of seeing things for the last time is the highly mysterious and poetic essence that these images leave with us.
It is as though Leibovitz and Atlasovitch wanted to transmit their enjoyment quickly to others. And they feel like a fond farewell.
Their black-and-white imagery creates an intimate record of the emotions and sentiments that come with the act of traveling itself; the sense of freedom and adventure, the sweet boredom of a long train journey, or the simple pleasure of feeling alive. 
Their work is not about documenting the world. It is about looking for and capturing emotions.
Odem and Odelya hope the viewer can feel some emotions too when watching the work.

From the moment Odelya Atlasovitch and Odem Leibovitz laid eyes on each other they were inseparable. The pair began to collaborate together living nomadic lifestyle, began traveling extensively throughout Asia, photographing cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo, and filming in villages and towns.
Their artistic collaborations match their personalities: they focus on capturing a place's soul or emotions and bringing it later as a souvenir to the audience.
They are known for their work "Break" (打破) (2023), ״Sorrow" (2022), and "I Shrunk until There Was Nothing Left" (2021).

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