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Poetics of the Quantum, data arranged in blocks systemic.

Our planet, a tiny part of a cosmic whole, immersed in the primal permanence of an amniotic, hypnotic liquid.

A Life chain in perpetual movement.
One must not break it, but tell its tale.
Catch the rhythm of what’s immutable.
Look at it as it should be looked at. Fair and square.

1920 x 1080 pixels to capture, in one gesture, the strange hieratic beauty of the original flux.

Blockchain is a series of twelve films, mirroring our DNA sequencing.
Links of space and sounds reinventing the Mantra of Life in sequence shots.
Here, viewers become demiurges.
They choose one second of this moving piece and fixate it in a unique print.
They take ownership of it, and become actors and creators of an elementary particle of that Blockchain, making it their Talisman.

The one of lived-through experience.
Digital print on Japanese paper 40 x 23 cm | signed & labeled by the second of the sequence

Jaroslav is consumed by an inner fire. He draws his vital energy from it, and it is indissociable from his creative gesture.
A protean artist – photographer, scenographer, art director, designer, curator, director – he is fascinated by any and all mediums.

He was not yet 20 years old when David Seidner spotted in him that artistic sensibility and kaleidoscopic eye that give full meaning to space and movement. They would go on to collaborate for the next ten years.

New York, Beijing, London, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Rio – Jaroslav travelled the world, exploring all areas of fashion and art, through events ranging from défilés to exhibitions and beyond.
As curator and scenographer, he was behind some of the most beautiful exhibitions at the Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, at the Hôtel de la Monnaie, and at the Villa Médicis.
His photographic works are also present in many private collections, including that of the London Claridge’s. Encounters, collaborations and experiences – with the likes David Seidner, Antoine Kieffer, Renate Gallois Montbrun, Kate Barry, Sarah Moon, Dominique Issermann – further enriched his practice.

Jaroslav is now exhibiting in Ghent at the Otto Gallery in an approach that blends his unique, stripped down vision as a digital designer and photographer.

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