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Carmen De Vos

Les Belles d'Otto

We are delighted to present three series by Carmen De Vos’ in which she mingles highbrow etiquette with sly, subversive eroticism. Her Polaroids are refreshingly audacious and aesthetically wicked. With Les Belles d’Otto we are inviting you into her mad land of no rules.

Carmen De Vos is a slow photographer. She registers, depicts and thinks up odd stories. She shoots old Polaroids to frame these mental escapades, they get so easily out of hand. Carmen enormously longs for what she’s afraid to lose: real human contact, the slowness of being and creating, the tangibility of materials.

The Belgian photographer primarily works with outdated Polaroid stock. Her work is direct, sensual, sometimes shocking. She creates storylines, in which she or her models play a private, intimate role, essential in instant photography. She likes to plan out every detail of her decor.
Once upon a time she found herself guilty of home-crafted mischiefs for TicKL, her English art porn Polaroid magazine. She never really got cured from naughtiness. She can’t help but traveling back to these blessed times of free-love photography with her Polaroids.

Belgian art photographer Carmen De Vos is the winner of the Louis Paul Boon Prize 2020 for her art photography and work for the Belgian press. A selection of more than two hundred of her sensual Polaroids has been neatly collected in the beautifully designed monograph 'The Eyes of the Fox'.

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