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Pieter Van Campe

About Her

Amalia Di Gregorio (Buenos Aires, 2016)

When my eyes crossed those of Amalia, something happened. Years later, time had passed and we had lived our separate lives. Yet, it seemed that ‘something’ was still there. So, out of the blue, I asked her to meet up again and we discussed the possibility of me photographing her. These pictures tell that story. A story of getting to know each other, discovering each other. Amalia in front of the lens, and myself behind it. The lens was our temporary gateway, our gateway of love and loss. It is the active witness of our memories in the summer of 2021. It is the only one, who truly knows, what that something is.

Pieter Van Campe is a Belgian based cinematographer. In 2011, he graduated on the RITCS in Brussels. Since then he has worked on several productions. In the beginning as camera assistent and operator evolving naturally into a Director of Photography. When he is not filming on set, he loves exploring the world with photography. Doing so, Pieter follows his gut feeling, working on his own projects and embracing the intimacy and flexibility of the medium.

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