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Fabrice Gallez

Unalterable Body

Fabrice Gallez was born in Tournai in Belgium where he studied photography & graphic arts at Saint-Luc.
During his military service in Germany, he worked as a press photographer, became passionate about images and decided to make it his profession.
In 1996, he set up as a freelancer and became a fashion and advertising photographer.
Fabrice Gallez travels the world for his job, from South Africa to Miami, via Rio. In his more personal research, Fabrice Gallez approaches the image in a much more sober way. His gaze succeeded in developing an universe, a style and a narrative sense in his representations.
His current project is called “Unalterable body”.

Plastic is part of our life. Whether we like this material or not, it has challenged us since the second half of the 20th century.
From a usual polymer to a form of art, here is the axis that Fabrice Gallez has chosen since 2015. He uses it in the lightest way, that is to say as a veil that contributes to aesthetics his image. This material becomes uncontrollable in front of a body or a face. Translucent, it mumbles and transforms the cosmetics of the body into a diaphanous abstraction.
The being evolves in an imaginary and timeless world, gestures and nudity are absorbed by a veil. Oscillating between controlled graphics and innocence of gesture, splashes of color jostle the natural curves.

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