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Dirk Demulder

Work by

Dirk Demulder is a photographer who looks for the moment when the answer collides with its question.
The moment when the floodgates open and the multitudes of possibilities are laid bare in the anticipation of the audience.

The ripples of the echo are more important for Dirk than its source.
Like a tracker going backwards, like a detective looking for the effect and not the cause.

Dirk doesn’t lend a hand when you look at his pictures.
It is you, yourself that are the protagonist of the story. Of a poem with a frozen rhythm. It is your mystery to solve.
The traces are the lead, the footprints are the answer, not the foot that made it.

For some it is a lie, for some it is the truth. But probably, it is everything in between.

Dirk finds his inspiration in the words of Smith, Dylan and Young.
The shade of his memories are visual creations which are as spellbinding as baffling.

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