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Didier Gillis

Les Belles d'Otto

Didier Gillis graduated in photography at the Institut des Beaux-Arts Saint Luc de Liège in Belgium.
After having worked with the most classic photographic techniques, he turned to old, alternative processes. He discovered the gum bichromate technique through various exhibitions and internships with great masters. This process has become his favorite technique because it brings a materiality and depth to his images.

For several years, his work has continued to evolve. His shots which, at the beginning, were an aesthetic reflection of the personalities he photographed became realistic and imperfect witnesses of this same human nature. Through the women he photographs, he seeks the imprint of time and the complexity of this relationship between body and soul.

For about fifteen years, Didier Gillis has specialized in large gum bichromate prints. It is now exhibited in various countries. Each year, he travels to Arles to exhibit there and meet other adepts.

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