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Alexander D'Hiet

Work by

When Alexander D’Hiet (1982) went on a sabbatical abroad, he found his most faithful companion in his camera. With no theoretical or practical background, Alexander crafted his own style over the years, empowered by his gravitational pull toward the mystery of shapes and lines.

Very soon, Alexander discovered that his interests lied in how moments of everyday life are connected with each other through the knots of time. Capturing these, he found himself on the edge of light and shadow and moreover, on the edge of the frame.

His pictures are as much an experience as an investigation. An investigation into perception, into contrast and into ourselves.

Not constrained by any rules, Alexander floats through the environment using polaroid, digital and analog photography. He firmly believes that you can create something from nothing, and uses this belief subconsciously on his trips all over Europe.

Alexander D'hiet is a self-taught photographer with little constraints. It is the borderless that feeds his creativity and takes him to the demarcation line of light and darkness.

Reflective Pleasures, Het Objectief (2018)
Future Primitve, Gallery Thomas Serruys (2018)
Gallery fragma (2021)

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